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Amega Cares


Many hotels’ purpose is to make business profitable but Amega Hotel’s priority is to integrate Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) into its operations that goes above and beyond business. Its vision is not only limited to providing impeccable service to its guests but to supporting its employees and the members of the larger society by creating opportunities to be an instrument of God’s favor.

As part of its commitment to contributing to the welfare of the community in which it operates, Amega Hotel goes beyond just making profits and embraces CSR through extensive activities:

Medical Missions

Amega Hotel is dedicated to facilitating medical missions to care for the well-being and health of people in chosen local communities. Its medical programs are developed in partnership with organizations that mobilizes medical professionals and distributes medical supplies to provide safe and effective medical care.


It is important for Amega Hotel to be a tool in sharing its blessings to the disadvantaged. It is the hotel’s advocacy to give to be able to help and provide joy to vulnerable members of society.

Support for local micro-businesses and products

This approach is observed in the kitchen of Amega Hotel as guests can order from a menu where produce have been locally sourced and reared.

Amega Cares